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Introducing the new ChatGPT Conversation History Search extension! Elevate your ChatGPT experience with tools to manage conversations effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface, revisiting and organizing exchanges is now easier than ever.

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Discover seamless control over your past interactions - Dive in, revisit, and organize your conversations effortlessly with ChatGPT Conversation History Search!

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We provide many features you can use.

Privacy Guaranteed

You can be confident that your search queries and conversation history are kept safe. All data is processed and managed locally on your device, and no personal information is stored externally.

Works Anywhere

The plugin seamlessly integrates into the official website's UI through a browser extension, currently supported on all PC platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Easy To Use

After installing the plugin, just open the search box, input your desired text, and watch real-time search results appear. It also supports cross-conversation search with ChatGPT.

🆓 Free Features

Automatic Import of ChatGPT Conversation History

Automatic Import

The plugin supports bulk exporting of all historical records, automatically updating each time you open the ChatGPT website. Additionally, it offers manual and real-time update options.

Current Conversation History Lookup

Current Conversation Search

The plugin facilitates searching the ongoing conversation, highlighting keywords. Compared to the browser's search feature, it refines the search scope within chat records, enabling quicker access to search results.

Real-time Display of ChatGPT Historical Query Results

Cross-conversation Search

Cross-conversation search allows direct querying of key information across all historical records, eliminating the need to manually switch within each chat log. Search results are instantly displayed within the interface.

🏗️ Build Feature

Support manual/real-time update of conversation historyUsers can manually trigger or update conversation history in real time to ensure the data is up-to-date.
Enhance history record CRUD functionsSupport adding, deleting, modifying, and querying history records, including title modification and synchronized deletion.
Support advanced search optionsProvide more search options, such as case-sensitive/insensitive, search scope (title, content, conversation, markdown search, etc.).
Search record navigation functionJump from search results to the corresponding conversation location for quick navigation.
History conversation download functionSupport downloading historical conversations in Markdown, CSV, or image formats for easy storage and sharing.
Support bookmarking function with searchUsers can mark favorite conversations and quickly find bookmarked content through search.
Add time range retrievalAllow users to retrieve conversation records within a specific time range to meet time-based search requirements.
Improve efficiency and UI of multi-conversation queriesOptimize the efficiency and user interface of multi-conversation queries to provide a smoother experience.
Add keyboard shortcut supportProvide keyboard shortcuts for enhanced user efficiency.
Enhance mobile UI compatibilityOptimize the user interface for mobile devices to ensure a good experience on mobile.
Add option configuration interfaceProvide a user-friendly option configuration interface, allowing users to customize settings according to their needs.
Add cloud sync feature(TBD) Sync search results with cloud storage for data synchronization across different devices.


How can I search for ChatGPT conversation history?

Simply download and install the plugin from the Chrome Web Store. After installation, refresh the page. A search button will appear above the left sidebar list on the website. Clicking it will open a search bar where you can enter the text you want to search for.

Where are these history records stored? Is it secure?

These history records are stored entirely in your browser, specifically on your local computer. So, even if you lose internet access or if ChatGPT history disappears, you can still use the search functionality.

How often does the history synchronize? Why can't I find the latest results?

By default, the history automatically updates every time you open the official ChatGPT website. During updates, a rotating icon will appear on the sidebar. Due to a delay in updates, synchronization may not be immediate. If you can't update in time, you can manually click on the corresponding conversation to trigger an update. Real-time updating is supported for premium members. However, please avoid excessively frequent updates, as ChatGPT may restrict users who update too frequently, resulting in temporary inability to access ChatGPT.

How do I download ChatGPT conversation history?

The official ChatGPT website supports exporting all conversations. This plugin extends these capabilities. Open the search bar, click on the "Advanced" option on the left sidebar, and you can specify conversations for export. You can also export in various formats.

How can I clear ChatGPT history records?

The ChatGPT official website supports clearing all conversations at once or deleting specific conversations. Note that deleting conversations on the website might not sync with the plugin. This is intentional, as some users want to query history even after deleting conversations. These conversations may no longer exist on the ChatGPT website, but you can still search for them using the plugin. If you don't need this feature, you can delete messages directly in the plugin. It's recommended to delete conversations within the plugin, allowing you to choose whether to retain history locally.

Can I check history in ChatGPT?

Yes, you can review historical records within the plugin. Unlike the official website, you don't need to switch pages when using the plugin, making the process more streamlined.

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